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    41 Railway Ave. S. Big Valley, AB

    Big Valley Creation Science Museum has many genuine fossils. The volunteers at this museum have a strong interest in creation science and a drive to see this Biblical worldview shared with the public and taught alongside evolution in the classroom. Around 30,000 people per year get dropped off across the road from the museum, at the Alberta Prairie Steam train excursions, as the museum stand ready to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of creation to those across Canada and around the world!
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    Red Deer, AB

    CTM makes available a wide selection of displays across Canada, they will travel to you with their state-of-the-art museum displays. These displays include around fifty authentic museum quality fossils. Among other things, two different dinosaur eggs from China will be on display (Hadrosaur, Segnosaur/Therizinosaur). Many museum quality fossil replicas can also be displayed. We can bring such things as two eight foot long fossil cabinets filled with museum quality genuine fossils.  We also have a 1:87 scale model of Noah's ark, a full sizeCoelophysis dinosaur cast, a T. rex footprint replica, and a full size Mosasaurus sp. skull cast.  We will also bring Three realistic dinosaur models - a Triceratops (9 1/2 feet long), a Raptor (about 4 1/2 feet tall), and a T. rex (8 feet long). Included in our displays is a wonderful ten-foot wide display of many pictures of evidence that provide powerful positive support of Biblical creation. More displays are in the plans. These displays are assembled neatly and professionally. They are wonderful education tools.
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    6500 Cottonwood Rd, Innisfail, AB T4G 1E3

    DINOS (Discovery Institute of Nature, Origins, and Science) is a safe and fun environment for families and friends to learn and play together. It features an Indoor Mini Golf with iconic North American Geological formations such as a flowing Niagara Falls. As you play, explore how geology fits into Biblical History. Continue your discovery of Biblical History in the indoor Laser Tag where you “travel back in time” to an ancient city being invaded by dinosaurs. The city is complete with buildings, bridges, a river, and a tunnel beneath a seven-foot drop waterfall. Feel the roar of realistic animatronic dinosaurs as you come within mere inches of them. The laser tag also features a rare black light art gallery with original artwork incorporated into the ancient cityscape. An exceptional collection of artifacts tracing the history of civilization from creation to present can be found in the Bible History Museum. The collection includes an exact reproduction of the Great Isaiah Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls found on display in only a few world class museums. There is much more such as the quantum levitation superconducting magnet track in our section showcasing some of the great scientists of recent history. Our cafe serves specialty coffee roasted in the Rocky Mountains. We also have tasty snacks, including freshly baked scones.