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    Gilbert, AZ 85233

    CESM asks that everyone be presented with the facts, both pros and cons, for both evolution and Creation. We believe that if a person is allowed to weigh all of the evidence the decision to be made will be obvious. CESM's mission is to confirm Biblical Truth and expose mis-interpretations of God’s creation in order to exalt Jesus Christ as our Creator, Judge and redeeming Savior.
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    Flagstaff, AZ 86001

    From simple one-day tours to week-long missions/service projects, we have the perfect Creation Trip just waiting for you! We'll even throw in a group speaker if needed! Let's make this easy! We know how difficult it can be to plan out big events and trips...we've been doing it for years! Let our team do the hard work for you, so you can enjoy the experience! Bring your group to Flagstaff, AZ for a multi-day missions trip or service project. Where creation and caring combine! Single to multi-day trips, custom tailored for you and your group. With numerous options and locations for you to choose from! Join us on a Creation Trip as you meet new people who share similar passions for God's creation as we explore together. Join us for a guided 4-9 day trip, rafting the Colorado River and seeing the Flood Record for yourself! Have your trip planned out but want to get the most out of it? A step-on guide can add insight & fun to your experience!
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    Parks, AZ 86018

    The Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing features on the face of the planet, a classic example of erosion unequaled anywhere on earth. Carved through sedimentary layers of limestone, sandstone, and shale, and into the bedrock of schist and granite, this great chasm stretches 277 miles through the Colorado Plateau. It descends over a mile into the earth and extends as much as 18 miles in width. The canyon holds within its walls mountains that are taller than anything east of the Mississippi River. Since 1995, Canyon Ministries has been rafting through this gigantic remnant of the Biblical Flood, showing people how what we read in the Bible is seen between the walls of the Grand Canyon.  Our rafting trips are from 4 to 9 days in length, and suitable for kids from 8 to 88. See our river trip schedule for trips available.