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    234 SE HWY 101 Depoe Bay, OR 97341

    Depoe Bay, Oregon features the only Whale Museum in the state. The Museum is the only one in the world that focuses on individual gray whales. At Depoe Bay, you can go on a creation adventure like no other, jump in a boat and go find a whale or two - maybe even an entire pod! You can also check out the museum which hosts information about whales, dolphins, porpoises, sharks, tropical fish, an intertidal display, invertebrates, seals, sea lions, sea otters, birds, and a theater.
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    411 Safari Road Winston, OR 97496

    Come enjoy a great food and wonderful fellowship at Noah's Ark Cafe & Museum. Hear a robotic Noah talk about the Ark and take a tour to see what the sanctuary that Moses built in the desert thousands of years ago looked like. There is also a bookstore, a gift shop and a kid's playhouse available, so everyone in your family will have something to enjoy. Make sure to work up your appetite through the tour, and then sit down to have a bite to eat. Join the community at Noah's Ark to hear seminars, partake in festivals, listen to presentations and have a great time learning about the flood of Noah's day. You may even see Noah's Mobile Ark at a local parade or just on the road.
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    Hood River, Oregon 97031

    The purpose of Creation Encounter is to provide quality creation field study tours, road guides, and other information glorifying God as Creator. We also conduct special field trips for local pastor groups, and offer "tailor-made" creation programs for various organizations. Our mission is to help believers defend the reliability of the Bible and to support the church in fulfilling its Great Commission. Creation Encounter is a ministry brought forth from Design Science Association, an Oregon non-profit creation science organization. Through monthly meetings and creation-based outings, Design Science Association (DSA) demonstrates that true science is not in conflict with the Bible. Creation Encounter was established in 2008 to help DSA expand their creation field trip ministry.