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    01263 861902

    Norwich, England

    The Genesis Museum of Creation is committed to demonstrating the Truth of the Bible-from the very first verse. Exhibits include: creation, natural history, archaeology, fossils, dinosaurs, and geology. In a visit to the Genesis Museum of Creation, you will find scientific evidence for a young, and specially created earth, and vast evidence of a worldwide, […]

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    02392 293988

    Portsmouth, England, UK

    The main part of the expo are made up of 12 displays and a clutch of real fossilised dinosaur eggs.The 12 dioramas are on creation themes and they use computer-run lighting sequences to highlight the commentary on each. The commentary can be heard on individual earphones – 4 at each booth. The whole display takes […]

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    01275 852606

    Clevedon Road Wraxall Bristol BS48 1PG

    Aspiring to an open, critical approach to explain what we see in the natural world. Did life arise naturally or supernaturally? Can undirected, random processes result in complex life forms or is there evidence to support the notion of a Creator? Can we reconcile our knowledge of evolution and a belief in God? These are […]