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    E8932 Reno Ave. Westby, WI 54667

    Our purpose at Living Waters Bible Camp is to use God’s Word and His Creation, as well as adventure and relationships to draw people closer to Jesus Christ. For this reason, all of our Creation / Nature tours and programs are designed with a purpose to point to God, the Creator. To our knowledge, we were the first museum in the nation to provide a six-day creation layout; this format is both Biblically- and scientifically-based. Inside, you'll find various hands-on areas to investigate God's works, a laser display, a star constellation board, an iridescent rock display, multiple insect displays and over 200 mounted specimens. An important aspect of the museum is the Creation / Nature Library. Our library is a place to ask questions and to learn. It includes videos and books, an interactive area equipped with a multimedia center, as well as a large selection of programs, classes, and videos. It's full of valuable resources - allowing for further personal research - and it's a great place to conclude a tour of the museum. Join us for a Creation Conference like you have never experienced before!  At Living Waters Bible Camp we know and teach creation.  We also know that every time we begin to study creation we can't help but stop and worship the Creator!