My name is Stephanie and I am twelve years old. I had the privilege of taking a trip with my family to the Creation Kingdom Zoo.

The Creation Kingdom Zoo is a family fun environment that has interesting facts, many animals, friendly people, and so much more! This exciting little zoo is located in Gate City, Virginia. Some highlights to look forward to are, the many animals the zoo provides for you, an intriguing science center, fun facts about Noah’s ark and other animals, and a gift shop with many souvenirs so that you can take the fun home with you!

Sloth bears, ostriches, monkeys, talking birds, lemurs, leopards, and camels are just a few of the animals the Creation Kingdom entertains you with! Giraffes will be on exhibit in only a matter of time also!

The science center is filled with interesting facts and small animals that show God’s intricate handiwork. Some examples are, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, the world’s largest tarantula, the Goliath Bird eater, and other artifacts that will interest all age groups.

If you are looking for a fun trip to enjoy with your family you should definitely add the Creation Kingdom Zoo as one of your stops.