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Get Creation In College (To Parents)

Dear Parents,

As college begins for millions of young people across the United States of America, ensure your student is equipped with the right tools to help them defend their faith.

Here are a few tools that can help:

1. There is probably a creation tour or museum near their campus that they can visit, and even bring friends to, find one at

2. If you decide to send your student a care package, write a note about and how it will help in their research by giving them excellent articles from the top Christian apologetics websites.

3. Check out to find an event that is coming up in your local area, so that when they come home to visit you can take them to do something fun and engaging.

4. Is your student interested in getting creation science resources (books, magazines, videos, etc.) into the campus library? Do they want to have a professional creation scientist come give a presentation on campus? If so, contact us at [email protected] and we can help them with the process.

Use hashtag ‪#‎GetCreationInCollege‬ on social media to share photos and videos of students helping to get creation resources onto their college campuses!

We are praying for your student(s)!

-The Creation Network Team