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When you visit a major natural history museum today, you will see wide-eyed elementary and preschool children (not to mention their parents and teachers) being funneled into an abyss of scientific deception. No matter whether it’s the study of animals, earth science, or astronomy, the wonders of God’s creation are prostituted for evolutionism. And the end result is just more confusion, mystification, and cynicism in the lives of our young people and adults. Despite all the wonderful research and excellent outreach ministry of so many capable Christian scholars and ministries over the past 30 years, the culture we live in has amazingly taken a dive into what has been called post-modernism and even a post-Christian moral pit.

The truth is “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6), and we are convinced there are adults, and especially many young people, whom God wants to set free from this lack of knowledge and bondage of deception. Many of them are not attracted to churches for various reasons; yet they may be inclined to see the wonders of God’s creation through visiting a public museum featuring “the rest of the story” about dinosaurs, the stars, the Flood, and the wonders of ancient man, as well as the scientific facts they are not hearing that insist upon creation and absolutely demolish evolutionism’s nonsense. It is to this end that the 20,000 sq. ft. Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum was built. The Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum houses several full size dinosaur and fossil exhibits plus a myriad of singular fossils, making it the largest dinosaur and fossil museum in the United States to present its fossils in the context of biblical creation.

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    Tours scheduled on any other day by special appointment only.

    The International Association For Creation

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    Allen Roy
    2017-10-21 17:22:34
    Great looking museum full of fossils and information for children and adults.
    2015-05-25 15:42:44
    When I visited eastern Montana I was able to get a tour of the Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum from the founder. Up to that point, I had never been in a large creation museum and the exhibits here far exceeded my expectations. The museum's artist did a marvelous job at staging the exhibits, for me I think that was the biggest blessing- to see the detail that was put into each piece. From the first hallway to the last exhibit upstairs, I was able to see how the evidence pointed back to our Creator God. Their research department is top-notch and visitors can even see their latest discoveries from the region. Lastly, but certainly not least, the Scripture Room was a marvelous display of how the Word of God has stood the test of time. The experience I had at Glendive was life-changing for me, in that I was able to put precise imagery to the history of creation as I walked through the museum. What once were concepts in my head, now became just that much more "alive" for me.