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The mission of the “Stone’s True Story” is to bring glory to God our Creator, Savior, and King; to introduce the lost to the one true God of the Bible; and to educated Christians about the dangerous side effects that the philosophy of evolution has brought upon society. The theory of evolution has saturated the National Parks and museums throughout the country.

God has been robbed of the glory for His handiwork. Creation is being worshipped while the Creator is ignored. Romans Chapter 1 warns of the dangerous consequences this will have on a society. The wonders of creation should turn hearts to God, the Creator of all things, the Righteous Judge, the Everlasting King. Instead they are being used to deny His very existence.

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    The International Association For Creation

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    Terry K.
    2015-05-18 21:25:34
    You guys are awesome. I will have to stop up and see your museum sometime.