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International Creation Day 2016


International Creation Day 2016 Coming Soon To Your Community
The second annual international creation science event takes place November 5th.

Santee, Calif. (10/24/2016): Creation & Earth History Museum, in partnership with The Creation Network, will present International Creation Day 2016 on November 5, the event will feature Tom Cantor of Scantibodies Laboratories, Eric Hovind of Creation Today, and Ray Comfort of Living Waters Ministries, among many great speakers and experts.

Creation & Earth History Museum and The Creation Network are proud to bring International Creation Day 2016 to Santee, California as well as delivering a live stream around the world for churches, homes, and other venues. Creation Day 2016 will feature talks from experts, science experiments, live animals, games, prizes, rides, fair food, and free museum admission!

Jayson Payne, Director of Creation & Earth History Museum, says, “The importance of this event is to strengthen the [faith of families] and provide Biblical answers for future generations. Our focus this year is to make sure the kids have a takeaway, we are doing seven new creation stations (sic). We want to make sure they leave with having been encouraged. Our desire is that the future generations know they can completely trust God’s Word and that science confirms the Biblical truth. We are here to give the youth answers, gearing the event towards entire families with fun science experiments, interactive speakers, a petting zoo, and free admission to the museum. We look forward to seeing everyone on November 5th!”

Locate your nearest participating location, join the live stream, and find more event info at

About The Creation & Earth History Museum: The Creation & Earth History Museum exists to provide scriptural and scientific evidence that reinforces the biblical account of creation and support the body of Christ in fulfilling its commission in offering educational and evangelistic opportunities through interactive museum experiences and activities.

About The Creation Network: The Creation Network is a creation science ministry focused on impacting the culture for Christ through His Creation. Founded in 2012, The Creation Network has held annual regional, national and international events, trained creation missionaries, established new creation tours and museums around the globe, ensured media broadcast rights, developed public outreach programs, and more. The Creation Network is dedicated to equipping families with sound doctrine and dependable science. Learn more at