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Majestic Caverns

You don’t want to miss one of Alabama’s Most Unique Hot Spots that includes Alabama’s Big Cave, over 15 unique attractions, live entertainment, craft artisan demonstrations and more! America’s Most Historic Caverns and Fun Park is a destination that is perfect for groups, families, friends, and adventuring individuals who all want to enjoy a unique… read more

God’s World Exploration Station – Peshastin, WA

God’s World Exploration Station is a museum and park to help people grow in their faith. The museum and park are located 7 miles from the very popular Bavarian-style town of Leavenworth on the sunny side of the Cascade Mountains in central Washington. The museum is continuing to add displays, making it a fun repeat… read more

Living Waters Bible Camp – Westby, WI

  Since 1970, Living Waters Bible Camp has been providing quality camp programs to guests of all ages. Campers are continuously supervised by mature, responsible adults. All staff and volunteers are subject to 7 levels of screening before they are entrusted as a member of the Living Waters team. Located in Westby, a small rural… read more

Alpine Ministries – Mount Hope, WV

Since 1960, Alpine has given people of all ages a place to gather, experience the great outdoors, and grow closer to God. Though it welcomes thousands every year, each guest is important. Whether you want a trusted Bible camp for your child, a hospitable venue for your church retreat, or an outdoor adventure that drives… read more

Big Valley Creation Science Museum – Big Valley, AB

Big Valley Creation Science Museum has many genuine fossils. The volunteers at this museum have a strong interest in creation science and a drive to see this Biblical worldview shared with the public and taught alongside evolution in the classroom. Around 30,000 people per year get dropped off across the road from the museum, at… read more

Creation Truth Foundation – Noble, OK

The mission of Creation Truth Foundation is to target specific aspects of the mission statement and to provide programs and projects for the fulfillment of the mission. It is within this framework that CTF has been able to prioritize programs and projects that best fulfill the mission statement. That is… Teaching disciples to trust the Bible’s… read more

Creation Discovery Museum – Deerfield Beach, FL

Over the last twenty years, our ministry has discovered that while many educational centers / museums have extensive programs showing many of God’s wonderous works, almost none of them have attributed the works to God, but to evolution. We have discovered a great need in the community for an interactive creation museum. There are many… read more

Safari Zoological Park – Caney, KS

We believe that all we see and know was created by GOD ALMIGHTY.  Our mission is to show the awesomeness of our God in the individual wonder and uniqueness of all His creation.  That He has revealed to us through nature and creation that we are more than an evolved matter over millions of years,… read more

Creation Kingdom Zoo – Gate City, VA

Video Tour Available (brought to you by our friends at Creation Kingdom Zoo is ranked as one of the Tri-Cities area’s top attractions. The zoo offers you a chance to get up close with a variety of animals from around the world. There are tigers, bears, leopards, many species of primates and more. Daily keeper… read more