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    161 College Drive Mount Hope, WV 54667

    Look up at a night sky exploding with stars. Get up close to an ant as she carries a load 20 times her own body weight. Listen to the music of a backyard pond coming alive at twilight. Each of these everyday wonders clearly teach the majesty, power, and character of our Creator God. At Alpine, it is our desire to guide students to discover truth about God and His world through the things that He has made. Imagine a place where the outdoors come to life inside. Natural objects are displayed in every corner, and live animals rest in their natural indoor habitats. Visitors play with animal tracks, count the rings on a giant tree cookie, or participate in a variety of hands-on explorations. Everything in the building boldly declares the glory of God, the Creator, through its exquisite design. Although there’s plenty of things to see and do inside, visitors are encouraged to venture outside and explore the native plant garden, bird feeders, animal habitats, and outdoor learning patio. They can then take the next step in their creation study by hiking the self-guided Creation Discovery Trail. The place described above is none other than Alpine’s new T.R.E.E. (Truth Revealed through Environmental Education) House, a headquarters for Outdoor Education and a haven for kids of all ages who appreciate the outdoors. This attractive, nature-themed log cabin is used as a rainy day classroom, a place to examine collected specimens, a sheltered observation station for watching wildlife, and a home for a variety of living examples of God’s handiwork such as snakes and turtles. Visit Alpine for an unforgettable learning experience exploring God’s created wonders in the T.R.E.E. House and throughout the natural areas all over our campus. Each class features hands-on, interactive learning experiences in the great outdoors.
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    1831 N. Wildwood St. Boise, ID 83704

    The Museum intends to be a thriving institution for generations to come. The vision for this museum is to present a "Natural History" museum from a Biblical point of view. This museum would display similar exhibits to the well known natural history museums (i.e. Denver Museum of Nature and Science, American Museum of Natural History, Chicago Field Museum) but interpreted from a Biblical world view. The Museum helps lead people to a better understanding of God by viewing His creation. To show that creation science can explain the evidence we see in the world around us and that it is not just religion. To share the everlasting gospel through God's creation with people here in Treasure Valley, the entire Northwest, the entire United States, and regions beyond.
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    5181 DeSoto Caverns Pkwy Childersburg, AL 35044

    The DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Park is fun for everyone! There are park-wide celebrations for many holidays, laser light and water shows that commemorate Biblical history, many great rides, and full service campgrounds. Cavern tours are given from a Biblical perspective, taking into account historically accurate science as found in the account of creation from Genesis.
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    114 10th Street West Lemmon, SD 57638

    This Museum has many displays of life on the ranch, old time entertainments, Native American history, the Bismark Deadwood Trail and the local history. Cowboys and various families have donated artifacts and pictures to display here. Creation Science has it's roots in the literal interpretation of the Bible. Genesis tells of the worldwide catastrophe, Noah's Flood. To this day, many people try to explain evolution as science and creation as a religion. However, through recent advances in science, especially archaeology and catastrophic geology, the Bible is regaining its rightful place as the historical authority among many people. The area of South Dakota where the museum is located is a fertile source of dinosaur fossils. At the Museum you will find many fossils, which you are welcomed to touch. There are many activities, from scavenger hunts for children and book contests to traveling exhibit displays and community suppers. Come on by and enjoy the fun!
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    1427 Slate Mine, Rd., S.E. Fairmount, GA 30139

    Camp Sunrise is a year-round camp, located in Fairmount, Georgia, for families, children, and youth.  We offer summer Bible and science camps, family camps, train rides, and planetarium and science programs throughout the year. At Camp Sunrise, visitors and campers alike will enjoy train rides, planetarium programs, science museum tours, a camp store, rocket building, a boating lake, a swimming lake, water slide, rappelling, zip line, and skeet shooting.  Camp Sunrise also offers birthday parties, family reunions, science programs, science camps, and much, much more!
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    411 Safari Road Winston, OR 97496

    Come enjoy a great food and wonderful fellowship at Noah's Ark Cafe & Museum. Hear a robotic Noah talk about the Ark and take a tour to see what the sanctuary that Moses built in the desert thousands of years ago looked like. There is also a bookstore, a gift shop and a kid's playhouse available, so everyone in your family will have something to enjoy. Make sure to work up your appetite through the tour, and then sit down to have a bite to eat. Join the community at Noah's Ark to hear seminars, partake in festivals, listen to presentations and have a great time learning about the flood of Noah's day. You may even see Noah's Mobile Ark at a local parade or just on the road.
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    02392 293988

    Portsmouth, England, UK

    The main part of the expo are made up of 12 displays and a clutch of real fossilised dinosaur eggs.The 12 dioramas are on creation themes and they use computer-run lighting sequences to highlight the commentary on each. The commentary can be heard on individual earphones - 4 at each booth. The whole display takes about 35 minutes to see and listen to. The 12 dioramas are on creation themes and they use computer-run lighting sequences to highlight the commentary on each. The commentary can be heard on individual earphones - 4 at each booth. The whole display takes about 35 minutes to see and listen to. The displays cover a wide range of topics are examined and some of the displays are animated.
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    Red Deer, AB

    CTM makes available a wide selection of displays across Canada, they will travel to you with their state-of-the-art museum displays. These displays include around fifty authentic museum quality fossils. Among other things, two different dinosaur eggs from China will be on display (Hadrosaur, Segnosaur/Therizinosaur). Many museum quality fossil replicas can also be displayed. We can bring such things as two eight foot long fossil cabinets filled with museum quality genuine fossils.  We also have a 1:87 scale model of Noah's ark, a full sizeCoelophysis dinosaur cast, a T. rex footprint replica, and a full size Mosasaurus sp. skull cast.  We will also bring Three realistic dinosaur models - a Triceratops (9 1/2 feet long), a Raptor (about 4 1/2 feet tall), and a T. rex (8 feet long). Included in our displays is a wonderful ten-foot wide display of many pictures of evidence that provide powerful positive support of Biblical creation. More displays are in the plans. These displays are assembled neatly and professionally. They are wonderful education tools.
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    618 Muriel Street Winnipeg, MB

    In 2002 the Feakes family and began acquiring artifacts and building displays to use as teaching aids in our defence of biblical creation. Our “Christian Evidences Museum” (for lack of a better name) had been housed in my basement rec-room until summer ’07. During that time, they hosted many tours including homeschoolers, youth groups, Bible study groups, and families interested in seeing some of the evidence for themselves. My family and I have had a lot of fun sharing with folks what we believe to be absolutely astounding verification of the Bible’s historic claims, particularly its claims regarding special creation in the relatively recent past and a global deluge some 4,500 years ago. Over the years they have continued to acquire fascinating artifacts and fossils, and construct displays. Over the years they have continued to acquire fascinating artifacts and fossils, and construct displays.
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    27 84 612 6682

    10 Msenga Road Kloof, Durban, South Africa

    Question It! is a Christian bookshop with a difference - using science to challenge the theory of evolution, the age of the earth and various other topics. The only location of it's kind in South Africa, this is the place to go so that you can find answers to your questions regarding creation and the Bible.
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    Juniata, NE

    Creation Instruction Association has been active in the community for years and they have recently been establishing a mobile museum in Nebraska. The photo above is a computer rendering of the exterior of the mobile museum. This mobile museum will be traveling the roads across Mid-America sharing the truth of creation and the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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    (852) 3411 8888

    33 Pak Yan Road Ma Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong

    Ma Wan Park aims to foster family values and teach love, social harmony and care for the environment. It also serves as a community platform where businesses, schools and organizations can show their commitment to the community by sponsoring activities for the less fortunate and offering their staff, students and volunteers an opportunity to serve society. And reinforce the heartfelt values of our community. Noah's Ark Hong Kong is an iconic landmark and a wonderful destination for visitors. Offering a full range of specially-designed exhibitions, attractions and activities, Noah's Ark Hong Kong guarantees a scintillating experience full of entertainment, new knowledge, and natural scenic beauty, as well as provides visitors with new insight about:
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    1 Ark Encounter Drive Williamstown, KY 41097

    Schedule a private tour today! The Ark Encounter is a one-of-a-kind historically themed attraction located in northern Kentucky. Scheduled to open in 2016! The Ark Encounter is a one-of-a-kind historically themed attraction. In an entertaining, educational, and immersive way, it presents a number of historical events centered on a full-size, all-wood Ark, which should become the largest timber-frame structure in the USA.
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    111 West Water Street Plymouth, North Carolina, 27962

    Come visit God's Creation Wildlife Museum where you will find mounted displays of anmials from Alaska to Africa, creatures from all continents, with four galleries including: North America, Africa, and the Multinational Gallery. You can hear stories about big cats and scary snakes on a guided tour, or walk through the museum at your own pace to view the beauty of God's creation. There's even a touch table where you can feel the different between various animal hides.
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    935 Passion Play Road Eureka Springs, AR 72632

    This Cultural and Biblical History Museum will provide a brief snapshot of the history of creation and mankind and how the Bible fits into that as well as providing evidences (apologetics) for God's existence as well as why Christian theism and the Bible provide the most logical and plausible worldview of existence. *Many free items will be available to help "the believer think and the thinker to believe."