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Book guided creation tours all over the world.
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    Buffalo, NY

    Terry Kanouse is the founder and director of Niagara Falls & Noah’s Flood Ministries. As a previous Niagara Falls tour guide and pastor in upstate NY, Terry has combined two of his greatest passions to create an exciting and educational Biblical Geological Field Trip. What’s more is that Terry offers his guided field trips free […]

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    Flagstaff, AZ 86001

    From simple one-day tours to week-long missions/service projects, we have the perfect Creation Trip just waiting for you! We’ll even throw in a group speaker if needed! Let’s make this easy! We know how difficult it can be to plan out big events and trips…we’ve been doing it for years! Let our team do the […]

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    5181 DeSoto Caverns Pkwy Childersburg, AL 35044

    The DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Park is fun for everyone! There are park-wide celebrations for many holidays, laser light and water shows that commemorate Biblical history, many great rides, and full service campgrounds. Cavern tours are given from a Biblical perspective, taking into account historically accurate science as found in the account of creation from Genesis.

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    Hana, Maui

    Explore the miracle of God’s creation in the amazing land of Hana, Maui.  When you come to Hawai’i, you can enjoy being hosted by locally-born and professionally raised biologists who are Christian homeschooling parents. These tours are sure to leave you focused on Heaven while in Hawai’i.

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    Richland, WA 99352

    Geology students know Dr. Austin for his extraordinary field trips and field teaching events.  With students, he has launched 22 raft trips through Grand Canyon.  Dr. Austin’s field research within the Grand Canyon includes over 400 nights camped out below the Canyon’s rim. Dr. Austin is well known for his field research and field trips […]

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    Parks, AZ 86018

    The Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing features on the face of the planet, a classic example of erosion unequaled anywhere on earth. Carved through sedimentary layers of limestone, sandstone, and shale, and into the bedrock of schist and granite, this great chasm stretches 277 miles through the Colorado Plateau. It descends over […]

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    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33339

    Reef Ministries’ mission is to utilize God’s underwater world in the advancement of creation science, environmental stewardship, and discipleship through Christ-centered adventures for all. Reef Ministries is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to showcasing the underwater world as the handiwork of God. This is accomplished by diving professionals who lead snorkeling and scuba diving adventures (trips […]

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    Cleveland, MO

    The Creation Science Association for Mid-America leads CSA Safaris. Safaris include a wide range of topics from astronomy to fossil and mineral collection. Safaris are taken to western Kansas, southeast Missouri, and many state and national parks. You can go on an adventure and learn a great deal about God’s creation from friendly, knowledgeable staff. CSA […]

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    1444 Camp Gilead Dr. Polk City, FL 33868

    Camp Gilead’s Creation Critter Ministry is here to serve you!  This ministry seeks to give children and young people an appreciation for all areas of nature as based on the Word of God, and to allow individuals to experience God’s creation close-up. Full-time staff missionary, Ron Yeater, is our Creation Critters expert.  An ordained minister […]

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    1427 Slate Mine, Rd., S.E. Fairmount, GA 30139

    Camp Sunrise is a year-round camp, located in Fairmount, Georgia, for families, children, and youth.  We offer summer Bible and science camps, family camps, train rides, and planetarium and science programs throughout the year. At Camp Sunrise, visitors and campers alike will enjoy train rides, planetarium programs, science museum tours, a camp store, rocket building, […]

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    1451 E. Twin Lakes Rd. Hillsboro, IN 47949

    Twin Lakes Camp, located in Hillsboro, Indiana, is a great place to have fun and grow. Since 1950, we have welcomed thousands of youth and adults to our camps.  Our purpose continues to be that of providing campers with a safe, challenging and enjoyable Christian Camping experience in the perfect environment: God’s great outdoors! Come […]

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    Dallas, TX

    The Society of Biblical Astronomy is a non-profit Creation based astronomy organization dedicated to the study and enjoyment of the created heavens.  Our mission is to promote the study of Astronomy and further the advancements and interest in the sciences and STEM programs by providing educational and observing opportunities to the general public, community […]

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    Vancouver, WA

    Creation Quest is an organization dedicated to telling people about the Creator. They seek to serve families to let them know that God’s word can be trusted. Through reaching out to families to teach them about the importance of Creation and God’s Word. Pat Roy has created a four-month module of classes for children 10-18 which […]

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    Utica, KS

    Come join the Creation Excavations Team at Amazing Grace Ranch in Utica, Kansas to learn the true history of the world. Find marine creatures buried during Noah’s flood about 4,500 years ago! There are hands-on presentations in a world renown fossil bed area, powerpoint presentations from a Biblical perspective, and field discussions on your fossil […]

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    Route 63W, Ronceverte, WV

    Located in beautiful southeastern West Virginia. Organ Cave is full of wonder, science and history. What other cave can you visit and see not only all the natural wonders, such as bats, rock formations, and fossils, but where over 1100 Confederate soldiers hid for 3 winters from the neighboring Yankees. Organ Cave is a National […]