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    139 State Street Glendive, MT 59330

    When you visit a major natural history museum today, you will see wide-eyed elementary and preschool children (not to mention their parents and teachers) being funneled into an abyss of scientific deception. No matter whether it’s the study of animals, earth science, or astronomy, the wonders of God’s creation are prostituted for evolutionism. And the […]

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    Longwood, FL, 32752

    Science Partners offers guided creation tours throughout the State of Florida; if you are interested in the panhandle’s caves and waterfalls, the interior’s theme parks and nature preserves, the coast’s beaches and bayous, or south Florida’s Everglades and The Keys then Science Partners has you covered. Whether you want to learn more about birding, coastal […]

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    1709 South E St. Broken Bow, NE 68822

    The Boneyard Creation Museum is a non-profit educational museum located in Broken Bow, Nebraska for the purpose of displaying scientific evidence for creation and showing the difference between evolution and creation.  We believe in the accuracy of the Bible and firmly believe that the earth is thousands of years old, not billions. The museum has many fossil and replica displays highlighting the […]

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    1692 Snowflake Rd. Gate City, VA 24251

    Video Tour Available (brought to you by our friends at Creation Kingdom Zoo is ranked as one of the Tri-Cities area’s top attractions. The zoo offers you a chance to get up close with a variety of animals from around the world. There are tigers, bears, leopards, many species of primates and more. Daily keeper […]

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    Pensacola, FL 32505

    Are you looking for unique and entertaining presentations and tours for your family, Sunday School class, or Homeschooling group? Let the team at The Creation Store show you how dinosaurs and the Bible meet. You can choose from a variety of topics including, Age of The Earth, Dinosaurs & the Bible, and Flood & Fossils. […]

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    St. Louis, MO 63101

    The Missouri Association for Creation (MAC) exists to promote Special Creation by God as the best, most reasonable and true explanation of the origin of life and the world we live in, to defend that position against the proponents of the General Theory of Evolution, and to equip those who are like-minded to be able […]

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    Gladwin, MI 48624

    The mission of the “Stone’s True Story” is to bring glory to God our Creator, Savior, and King; to introduce the lost to the one true God of the Bible; and to educated Christians about the dangerous side effects that the philosophy of evolution has brought upon society. The theory of evolution has saturated the […]

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    E8932 Reno Ave. Westby, WI 54667

    Our purpose at Living Waters Bible Camp is to use God’s Word and His Creation, as well as adventure and relationships to draw people closer to Jesus Christ. For this reason, all of our Creation / Nature tours and programs are designed with a purpose to point to God, the Creator. To our knowledge, we […]

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    234 SE HWY 101 Depoe Bay, OR 97341

    Depoe Bay, Oregon features the only Whale Museum in the state. The Museum is the only one in the world that focuses on individual gray whales. At Depoe Bay, you can go on a creation adventure like no other, jump in a boat and go find a whale or two – maybe even an entire […]

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    300 Hartman Bridge Road, Ronks, PA 17572

    Sight & Sound Theatres are located in Branson, Missouri and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Shows at Sight & Sound Theatres are Biblically-based and focus on topics such as: Genesis, Moses, Noah, Joseph, Daniel, Jonah, and Ruth, as well as shows about the birth and life of Jesus. The purpose of Sight & Sound Theatres is to […]

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    (888) 582-4253

    2800 Bullittsburg Church Rd. Petersburg, KY 41080

    Schedule a private tour today! The state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life, casting its characters and animals in dynamic form and placing them in familiar settings. Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden. Children play and dinosaurs roam near Eden’s Rivers. The serpent coils cunningly in […]

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    (863) 558-1395

    1220 West Imogene Street Arcadia, Florida, 34266

    Creation Adventures Museum is located in southwest Florida, near the Peace River. You can join Dr. Gary Parker and his wife Mary on an adventure in the warm Florida sun, whether that be digging for fossils in the river or hearing a lecture from the well-renowned Dr. Parker. You and your family are sure to […]

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    3102 FM 205 Glen Rose, Texas, 76043

    The Creation Evidence Museum of Texas has an impressive collection of artifacts and fossils, which provide evidence for a young earth. Among the artifacts included in the museum’s collection are: – Noah’s Ark Replica – Replica of the Stegasaurus – The London Artifact – The Burdick Track – Alvis Delk Cretaceous Footprint – The Fossilized […]

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    (951) 922-0076

    50770 Seminole Drive, Cabazon, CA 92230

    The World’s Biggest Dinosaurs™ museum is an educational adventure featuring work from scientists around the world. Mr. Rex’s Museum will fascinate the young and adult with interesting information on the origins of dinosaurs and man. The T-Rex Museum was built nearly 30 years ago and towers 4 stories.  Adults and children can make the climb to […]

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    10946 Woodside Ave. N Santee, CA 92071

    Video Tour Available (brought to you by our friends at Mission: To provide scriptural and scientific evidence that reinforces the biblical account of creation and support the body of Christ in fulfilling its commission in offering educational and evangelistic opportunities through interactive museum experiences and activities.   History: Dr. Henry Morris’ Institute of Creation Research […]