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Christian Museums mean better education, stronger faith and closer communities – especially for untrained Christians.

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Did you know that there are over 50 creation museums & tours just in the United States alone?
(And these are only the ones we know about.)
(Tell us about the ones we don’t know about.)


For years, tax dollars have been used to fund lies and misinformation.  Just about every state/federal funded museum or exhibit is littered with misinformation and teaching it to your friends & family.  These teachings have an harmful impact on how lives are lived day to day.

But there are actually places that Christians can go that are devoted to spreading the truth and keeping the harmony of God’s Word intact.


Did you know there are Christian Museums struggling to survive. These museums have great information, great exhibits, and most of all — truth… But they are not federal or state funded, solely because they do not spread evolution – the opposite of God’s Word.

Because of lack of funding, these museums are forced to limit visiting hours or even worse, close the doors… Leaving Christians like you with very little Christian entertainment. With your funding, these museums are able to share the truth in fun & entertaining ways.



God’s Word is our spiritual food. Feeding the world takes a lot of resources. When Christians pool together, we can spread the word effectively to more places. Creation museums are one of those ways.


In a lot of the workforce, the true Word of God is being suppressed. When Christians stand together, the truth can spread even faster than the misinformation and freedom from spiritual bondage.



In 2013, we were given the vision to help give synergy to the creation movement. By 2050, the world’s population is estimated to grow by three billion. Unless we get your help, truth & Christian entertainment will be suppressed more than ever before.


A Likely Scenario

With fresh capital, you update exhibits, add new & amazing artifacts, and hire a tour guide to make it all come to life.

Nearby families now have a destination to build a vacation around or explore on a weekend trip.

With more visitors and a bigger budget, you get to do cool, ‘science-y’ things with your guests and teach them about God’s awesome creation.

Studying the creation leads to learning about the Creator God, which leads to hearing the full Gospel.

New Christians begin sharing their faith in Jesus Christ through the creation message. The church rebuilds on the foundation of Genesis.

A nearby community learns how the Creation Message impacted your city. They support the museum in their area, and the cycle continues.

“The creation message is the foundation of Christianity. An astonishingly complex & subtle force, it anchors a community in the reality of the Creator who became their Savior.”

– Eric Hovind, President, Creation Today



holding evidence can reduce the 61% of students that fall away from the faith


creation museums can educate 36% of pastors who do not take a stand for biblical creation


first-hand experience increases engagement and retention by up to 92% focuses on one aspect of Christian education – creation museums. But to really transform the hearts and minds of a society, creation museums are just one facet. Almost every museum on also offers informational books & DVDs so people can continue to educate themselves. Working together with traveling speakers and an online network of resources, & the whole Creation Network are committed to using the Bible’s message of our origin as a gateway to the Gospel.


Every $1 invested in can promote a creation museum to a 1,000 nearby residents.

In a society where the reliability of the Bible is being attacked from every angle, it makes sense to start educating Christians on their origins, and the foundation of the Bible — the creation account in Genesis. Understanding our origin is the key to understanding our eternal destiny. Educating the mis-informed masses is an achievable goal…

Just $30 can provide a life changing experience for one person.