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Dinosaur Science Museum – Keene, TX

When you visit the Dinosaur Science Museum, you have the unique opportunity to interact with one of America’s largest dinosaur fossil collections. Located on the campus of Southwestern Adventist University, visitors can observe where more than 30,000 dinosaur bones are cleaned, cataloged, and preserved. This museum is the result of years of passionate, hard work…. read more

Hong Kong Creation Resources Ministry (Creation.HK)

The Hong Kong Creation Science Resource Ministry and Iaganack Productions are biblical creation science ministries. We cooperate with many organizations to see the Lord Jesus Christ honored as Creator and Savior of the world. Among our myriad of methods for outreach, we hold lectures and training activities, produce and translate creation and apologetics materials, have… read more

Jurassic Ark – Gympie, Queensland

Jurassic Ark is a unique site displaying the spectacular evidence showing God’s word is true from beginning to end. Walk through history from Adam to Australia. See the evidence of brilliant creation, the consequences of the curse, the fossil evidence of Noah’s flood, and the whole family history of man. Come and explore the exposed… read more

Parque Discovery – Barreiralva, Portugal

  Divine Creation or Darwinian evolution? What is the truth? Science is a great tool for discovering the stunning beauty and grandeur of God’s creation, from the smallest quantum particle to the largest galaxy in the cosmos. Geology, paleontology, archaeology, astronomy, and other fields of science are integral parts of Discovery Park, however, its specialty is… read more

Camp Gilead – Polk City, FL

Camp Gilead offers children, families, churches, and groups a fun, safe, Christ-centered place to be refreshed, encouraged, and challenged by God through His Word to hear Him more clearly through their three C’s: Camps, Clubs and Correspondence Lessons. Camp Gilead exists to glorify God by creating an atmosphere for people to evaluate their relationship with… read more

Alpha Omega Institute – Grand Junction, CO

AOI’s Discover Creation Adventures are designed to equip and fortify young people and adults to stand firm in their faith and impact others. Dynamic teaching from science and the Bible provides solid answers for evolutionary challenges and gives positive evidence for the Truth of God’s Word. AOI invites you to join them for one of their… read more

Creation Science Association Safaris – Cleveland, MO

The Creation Science Association for Mid-America leads CSA Safaris. Safaris include a wide range of topics from astronomy to fossil and mineral collection. Safaris are taken to western Kansas, southeast Missouri, and many state and national parks. You can go on an adventure and learn a great deal about God’s creation from friendly, knowledgeable staff. CSA… read more

Canyon Ministries – Flagstaff, AZ

  Since 1997, Canyon Ministries has been providing life-changing Grand Canyon Christian tours to thousands of people from around the world.  These experiences include rim tours and guided hikes to the very best overlooks and locations in the Grand Canyon National Park, multi-day backpacking trips, and 4 to 9-day river trips through the Grand Canyon… read more

Majestic Caverns

You don’t want to miss one of Alabama’s Most Unique Hot Spots that includes Alabama’s Big Cave, over 15 unique attractions, live entertainment, craft artisan demonstrations and more! America’s Most Historic Caverns and Fun Park is a destination that is perfect for groups, families, friends, and adventuring individuals who all want to enjoy a unique… read more

Living Waters Bible Camp – Westby, WI

  Since 1970, Living Waters Bible Camp has been providing quality camp programs to guests of all ages. Campers are continuously supervised by mature, responsible adults. All staff and volunteers are subject to 7 levels of screening before they are entrusted as a member of the Living Waters team. Located in Westby, a small rural… read more