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Nation’s Largest Creation Network Pushes Back Against Satanic Temple


The Creation Network Gives Free Museum Passes To Public School Students
Nation’s Largest Creation Network Pushes Back Against Satanic Temple

Pensacola, Fla.: Today, The Creation Network, the nation’s premier Creation Tour & Museum Ministry, announced that they will be providing free admission to their museums across the nation for public school students who are affected by the Satanic Temple’s “After School Satan” program. Claim your child’s free admission by August 15th, e-mail [email protected] or reach out via Twitter @CN_Worldwide. As The Creation Network is seeing an increase of visitors at its museums across the globe, and especially within the United States of America, their staff is working to meet the needs of the Christian community.

Recently, The Creation Network’s Director of Communications, Craig, said, “We here at The Creation Network, alongside our Member Museums, are helping parents take proactive steps in equipping their children with the facts necessary to defend their Christian faith against the atheistic humanism that is increasingly present in our culture today.”

To make good on Craig’s sentiments, a Creation Network staff member has provided information on the following tools made available for parents to access online:

  1. Find creation articles and additional creation resources to help your children defend their faith at
  2. Locate one of the many creation tours and museums that have programs for children and youth at
  3. Attend a creation event in your area, take a look at what is coming up near you at

Will you help us? Join the fight! Support creation museums across America today:

About The Creation Network: The Creation Network is a creation science ministry focused on impacting the culture for Christ through His Creation. Founded in 2012, The Creation Network has held annual national events, trained creation missionaries, established new creation tours and museums around the globe, ensured media broadcast rights, developed public outreach programs, and more. The Creation Network is dedicated to equipping families with sound doctrine and dependable science. Learn more at