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Creation Orlando Launch!

The Truth of Creation in the Tourist Capitol

               By Steven Policastro, Director of Creation Orlando

Creation Orlando is the region’s first museum to share the truth of Creation with the public. Being located in the epicenter of the world’s tourist capitol, we are open and ready to serve both residents and tourists as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with each visitor.

At our location, we offer self-guided tours, as well as docent-led tours upon request. Our goal is to share the truth of Creation with people through our exhibits; whether that be on-site at the museum or through our mobile museum which travels to conventions and other spots within the community.

Guests of all ages can handle fossils as well as partake in various activities and experiments that magnify Christ as Creator and Redeemer at our Touch-Table Exhibit which is the central attraction at our museum. As visitors enter the museum they can also learn about catastrophe at the Mount St. Helens Exhibit, the Flood at the Florida Fossils & Beyond Exhibit, how God’s creation points us to the Gospel of Jesus at our Picture Creation Exhibit, and dismantling the falsehoods of evolution as we better understand the truths of Creation through our Creation Sense Wall Exhibit. Our prayer is that each person would leave the museum having been changed by the power of God’s Word, ready to give a defense for the hope that they have within them (I Peter 3:15).


For guests who would like to continue their Creation Adventure, we offer creation field trips, science classes, and professional speakers for your events through our friends, Bill and Merilee Clifton, at Science Partners. Together, our goal is to serve you and your family whether you live in Central Florida or are just traveling through.

Feel free to contact our staff or stop by for a visit, the museum is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST), our contact details are:

Telephone: 800-854-5840
E-Mail: [email protected]
Physical Address: 7212 Sandscove Court, Winter Park, Fla.

Creation Orlando is a unique part of the creation science community, as we are a pilot test for the Creation Corner Project which aims to build creation science learning centers and kiosks in Christian retail locations and beyond, our goal is to help Christian families and their friends better understand the Beginning at places they frequent most. Adding to this goal, we are also blessed to be part of the MOVE (My Origins Verified Everywhere) Project that helps institutions, like Creation Orlando, establish mobile museums to better serve people in the community  while at conventions and fairs as well as in libraries, neighborhoods, and public parks.


We would be grateful to share with you about our testimony of how the Lord put together Creation Orlando, feel free to e-mail us for details and to learn how you can help do the same in your community. In synopsis, we prayed that the Lord would give us His heart for our community and that in doing so He would put in place the exact measurements needed for us to accomplish His will. We are glad to share with you that He has done just that and we invite you to come see it for yourself!

               Creation Orlando is a member of the Creation Science Alliance, a global network of creation science missionaries, museums, scientists and tour groups who are working together to promote sound doctrine and dependable science. We are grateful to be working together with creation science organizations across the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.