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We Are Taking On The Culture

The Creation Network is a place for you to get the information your family needs regarding Creation; behind the scenes, we are made up of a group of creation professionals who are committed to working together in the unity of Christ Jesus.

Many of the creation tour groups and museums that you see on The Big Map of Creation at work in cooperation with one another to take on the culture for Christ through Creation. Here are just some of their efforts:

  1. Praying Together: we all lift one another up in prayer daily, will you join us?
  2. Planning Annual National Events: one event, one purpose, many locations.
  3. Providing Creation Missionary Training: equipping the public to give creation talks and tours.
  4. Starting New Creation Tours: we are looking for leaders of adventure.
  5. Building New Museums & Learning Centers: working to extend our footprint, globally.
  6. Establishing New Field Research Stations: putting together teams for discovery and research.
  7. Ensuring Media Broadcast Rights: many voices, one message, one goal.
  8. Developing Public Outreach Programs: teaching the church, reaching the lost.
  9. Proclaiming Biblical Truths: timeless proclamations in a time of need.
    1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ
    2. The Truth of Creation
    3. The Sanctity of Human Life
    4. Traditional Marriage
    5. Christian Family Values
    6. International Religious Freedom

No matter the subject at hand we shall hold fast to the Word of God that gives us sound doctrine and dependable science. Contact us to learn more about these cooperative efforts and how you can get involved, just mention “the Alliance” and we’ll get you to the right department!