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Hey Kids! Write A Letter To A Creationist!

Hey, kids and parent’s of kids!

We know your lives are busy and sometimes it is hard to visit your local creation tour or museum as much as you would prefer, but we wanted to encourage you to have your family write a letter to your local ministry.

Just head on over to The Big Map of Creation here at, find the creation tour or museum’s address and begin writing… it’s as simple as that- and it won’t cost you more than a postage stamp!

You can let them know about your recent trip to their location, or maybe just how much you appreciate them being an active part of your community. We know that notes of encouragement just like your’s will mean so much to them and their team!

The Creation Network Team

PS: Check out these cool memes we made to help you spread the word!

Write A Letter To A Creationist! Your Letter Can Go Anywhere!