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147 Front Ave NW Castle Rock, WA 98611
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The Mount St. Helens Creation Center invites you to stop here to get the “point” our Creator left in the wake of the 1980-1984 eruptions – although there is literally no point any more on the mountain, there is truly a message from deep in the crater and its surroundings that you will not find at any other visitor center on Spirit Lake Memorial Highway.

This center relates how geological formations, such as those created by the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, show that the earth may be only thousands of years old rather than billions. Many scientists now believe the best explanation for geological strata is that some catastrophe formed them. Creation scientists believe that the world-destroying Biblical Flood was the foremost catastrophe. Come and see the seven mountain wonders!

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    Tourist Season Hours (mid-May through mid-October): 9am - 6pm daily, except Tuesdays
    Off-Season Hours: Most days, 9am - 5pm (be sure to call, 360-274-5737 first!)
    Sundays: After church, between 1pm and 6pm (extended hours by appointment only).

    The International Association For Creation

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