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Akron Fossils & Science Center – Copley, OH

2080 S. Cleveland Massilon Rd. Copley, OH 44321


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How we answer questions of origins is critical to how we view ourselves, our families, our community, our nation and our world. Are we the result of billions of years worth of accidental random processes? Or are we instead the products of design with a purpose? Could there be an intelligent designer who is the mastermind behind all that we observe in the universe? Our Science Center was established to try to provide answers to these important questions.

Come see our fascinating fossils and exhibits that ask the age-old questions of life. Find answers by using the tools of the scientist and historian. Come unlock the doors to truth with us. What you discover will change your life!

Summer Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm
Off-Season Hours: Friday & Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Tours scheduled on any other day by special appointment only.

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