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Creation Evidence Museum – Glen Rose, Texas

3102 FM 205 Glen Rose, Texas, 76043


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The Creation Evidence Museum of Texas has an impressive collection of artifacts and fossils, which provide evidence for a young earth. Among the artifacts included in the museum’s collection are:

– Noah’s Ark Replica
– Replica of the Stegasaurus
– The London Artifact
– The Burdick Track
– Alvis Delk Cretaceous Footprint
– The Fossilized Human Finger
– The Meister Print
– The Hand Print in Stone
– Polystrate Fossils


The Creation Evidence Museum provides scientific evidence for creation to thousands of people each year. Every year, new artifacts and documents are added to the museum’s collection through the generosity of individuals. Your contribution will help us continue to:

• Provide a creation science message opposing the evolutionary theory.
• Educate children about the scientific and Biblical principles of our earth, as opposed to the evolutionary theory that is taught in the public school system.
• Lead efforts to introduce new and exciting evidences further proving God’s design.