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The Dinosaur Encounter – Bridgton, ME

246 Hio Ridge Road Bridgton, ME 04009


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From 6th graders to adults, Dino Pastor Paul has teachings to help you understand God’s marvelous creation. Learn about the Word of God, the Ice Age, fossils, dinosaurs, mammoths, and more.

The Dinosaur Encounter is a Creation Learning Center for all ages. This museum is a “teaching museum” that consists of a 20-minute fossil tour followed by a 45-minute teaching session.

The museum has an extensive fossil collection that includes: A Mosasaur Skull, A Mastodon Skull, A Triceratops Skull, A 300 lb. Tusk, 200 lbs. of Dinosaur Dung, Dinosaur Tracks, and so much more!

Museum Hours: Open by appointment only

Suggested minimum group size of 15 people and comfortable maximum of 45 people.

Admission is free, however, there is a suggested donation of $8/person for smaller groups and $5/person for larger groups.