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Taking Creation Inside & Behind The Line!

We are taking Creation inside and behind the line!


Carl Kerby of Reasons for Hope, Inc. has generously offered to help train students from Christian Collegian Network on how to give creationist tours of secular museums!

This is what sound doctrine and dependable science looks like outside the creation science museum doors! We are coordinating with CCN to raise up an army of college students who will be able to walk into a secular museum with a group and give a creationist tour!

Please continue to pray for these students, as they learn more and use these tools to share about Christ and His Creation!

Training college students to give creation tours of secular museums is only one facet of our MOVE (My Origins Verified Everywhere) Project. Our goal is to get more Christians trained in creation science and equipped with the resources they need so they can go onto college campuses and fairgrounds, as well as into museums and parks to share about Christ and His Creation! Our prayer is that these same people will also be able to help at their local creation science museum by volunteering on-site! Where in your community could you use a creation missionary?

You can find them not only at secular locations but also at Christian locations too! We are working with Christian retailers, churches, and non-profits to set up Creation Corners that help families and their friends better understand The Beginning at places they frequent most often by putting together creation exhibits and displays on-site.

You can become a Creation Missionary too! Stop by The Creation Store and pick up your supplies to start your own mobile museum in your community! If you need training resources, learn what would fit you best, contact us!