Visit Creation

Visit Creation Is On-Air!

“What’s new outside, old outside, multiplies rapidly, and draws visitors from all over?” -Creation Moments Narrator Today we learned that VIsit Creation was featured on the Creation Moments Episode. We are grateful to work with our friends at Creation Moments to keep telling others, “There is a pro-life creation tour or museum near you!” We… read more

Question Evolution Day 2016!

This Friday, the 12th of February, we are celebrating Question Evolution Day. How will you celebrate pushing back against the onslaught of evolution and the culture of death that it brings with it? Let us make a suggestion, go visit your local creation science museum! And bring a friend. You can find your’s on The… read more

Creation Ministries Join Forces!

Have you found your Creation Adventure on The Big Map of Creation at Check out what happens when Christian Media Professionals ( team up with Christian Zoological Parks (  

New Year… Old Creation. Say What?

As the New Year is upon us, we can look back to this past year and think of all the times we have run into people espousing that what God has made is old- maybe it was when you went on a hike with friends or at the dinner table with family. While we know… read more

Taking Creation Inside & Behind The Line!

We are taking Creation inside and behind the line! Carl Kerby of Reasons for Hope, Inc. has generously offered to help train students from Christian Collegian Network on how to give creationist tours of secular museums! This is what sound doctrine and dependable science looks like outside the creation science museum doors! We are coordinating… read more

Southern California Museum Day.

This year’s Museum Day Festival in Southern California will be on the 26th of September from 9AM until 6PM. Come celebrate the 10th annual celebration! There will be an open house of the museum grounds from 9AM until 6PM along with free events for you and your family to attend throughout the day. Special events… read more

Hospitality On The Mountain.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, or are just traveling through, you can join the team at Mount St. Helens Creation Center for their Family Fun Days on August 21 and 22. These two days will be filled with adventure and timeless treasures. On Friday you can begin your time with a presentation by… read more

Creation Ministry Fellowship

Do you know someone involved in Creation Ministry? We NEED to hear from them! On July 26th, a group of leaders in the creation science community met in northern Florida to discuss the future of Creation Ministry and are thrilled to see what God is doing. There are numerous fellowships taking place from the Atlantic… read more

Creation Orlando Launch!

The Truth of Creation in the Tourist Capitol                By Steven Policastro, Director of Creation Orlando Creation Orlando is the region’s first museum to share the truth of Creation with the public. Being located in the epicenter of the world’s tourist capitol, we are open and ready to serve both residents and tourists as we… read more

Summer In Full Swing

This being the last day of Spring, the official start to Summer comes tomorrow (June 21st). However, the many museums and guided tours across the United States of America and around the globe have begun serving students and families who are out of school. On both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and across the Pacific… read more